Comment on Brad Pitt Reportedly Refuses To Give Kids ‘False Hope’ On Divorce: Angelina Jolie & I Are Over by Christina

I don’t know what to say anymore except I wish them all the best. I’m sure its really tough to have to tell your kid no. Sometimes its necessary for their own good. It doesn’t kill a child to be told no, but it still hurts. Being told no sets boundaries and boundaries are a good thing actually.
I know they will do well at this coparenting thing. It’ll be work but if looked at like a job maybe it’ll help? Idk…wishful thinking.
Look at it like a movie set i guess..only there can’t be just one director. I said director not dictator.

I hope they can chill out on the drama but that drama might only be just for show you know. $$ maker
Even if we didn’t hear about it they are still relevant and can do this. My guess is those two will get closer than before. Those two have a ‘job’ to do. Its work. No prima donna melodramatics necessary on set. Haha
Sometimes not getting your way or what you want turns out to be the biggest blessing in disguise and you find what you need instead and with THAT comes a whole other set of fulfillment within.

God bless them

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