Big Brother Recap: A Crumbling Alliance?

Josh has been one of the crazier houseguests on Big Brother Season 19, and if he’s proven one thing, it’s that he can hold a grudge. 

So, the news that he was the new Head of Household certainly sent an air of mystery around the house because there’s no telling what he might do. 

Paul breathed a sigh of relief that his side of the house would remain in power this week, but with Paul setting his sights on Jessica, Josh had some other targets in mind. 

When the rest of the house aside from Mark, Elena, Jessica, and Cody hold a meeting, they note that Mark and Elena seem unhappy about the whole thing. 

Mark and Josh have not seen eye-to-eye for weeks, so there should be some uncertainty from Mark that he could wind up on the block. 

Things took a tense turn when Alex later appeared in another room to say that Mark was not happy, and Mark was sitting in the room. 

Awkward. Alex says to him that it’s clear he is playing both sides. Thus, that’s why she said that, but he’s on to her. Paul breaks the ice by saying that everyone should be playing in the temptation competition. 

That way, Jessica, and Cody have less of a chance of winning safety. 

Just when it appeared there was going to be calm in the house, Josh told Elena how crappy it was for her and Mark to throw him under the bus a few weeks before.

This throws us all the way back to Paul’s decision to leave the pair out of the loop when Ramses was sent home. Paul is not the nicest of people in the house, but all of his moves have been calculating.

While Elena was emerging as the target for Josh, Paul wanted to reiterate that it was time to take Jessica and Cody out in order secure their safety.

Christmas, however, seemed ready to part with her pack and felt like taking Elena out would be a good move because she has come close to winning competitions.

For the safety competition, Jessica and Cody decide that one of them has to win and one has to come in the last place to secure safety.  

The other houseguests figured out pretty quickly that it was a strategic move for Jessica so she could play in the veto. 

Josh has no choice but to nominate Mark and Elena. He wants Elena out, but Paul is pushing to send third nominee, Jessica out the door. 

How will it all play out?

We’re intrigued!

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